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James Mitchell

Office: U.S. Representative - District #8
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Snoqualmie
State: Washington

Pro-Life for All Life for Whole Life! James Mitchell has a plan to flip Washington State from pro-death to Pro-Life! James will WIN August 4th Primary then November general election, to bring solutions to his state's most urgent, unresolved issues: homelessness, wage disparity, rising housing costs, non-livable wages, healthcare issues, human trafficking as well as disrespect for life by current Democrat pro-death Congresswoman.
James brings conservative values to the Democrat Party. These conservative values will unite Democrats & Republicans in Washington D.C. so progress can be made on pressing issues. James welcomes support from outside Washington State, so he can reunite and bring fresh life to District #8. 1 in 3 Democrats are Pro-Life! James is seeking every one of them to vote him into this Congressional position. He is also seeking Republican Pro-Life support. He will unite both parties together for primary issues he knows must be resolved: Life, health and welfare for all!
James has solutions for all the above issues!
James is "Uniting Us All For A Better Life"!