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Larry Stanley

Larry Stanley
Office: State Representative
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation:
City: Richland
State: Washington

Larry grew up in Richland, WA and has been a preacher, teacher, entrepreneur and leader of an international not for profit. He currently is a General Manager at Hamilton Cellars on Red Mountain in Washington State. Larry received a MS in Business Leadership from Capella University and a BA in Biblical Languages from Life Pacific College. When he’s not managing a winery you can find him playing guitar, hanging with family, or reading a book, volunteering as Washington State Chair and staying current on all things politics. Larry is a new kind of politician – a term limited, transparent public servant who puts citizens before special interests and solutions before ideology and people above party. Both major parties only focus on making the other side lose so that we all end up losing in the end. Not right, not left, move forward together.
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