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Robert Leutwyler

Office: Lynnwood City Council
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2023
City: Lynnwood
State: Washington

Robert Leutwyler, Lynnwood resident and Army combat veteran, formally announced his intent to run for Lynnwood City Council.

Leutwyler, 36, has launched a grassroots campaign he says is focused on ‘progressive and pragmatic governance’. A first-time homeowner and Lynnwood resident since 2018, he has called the Puget Sound home since 2010, when he was first assigned to Joint Base Lewis-McChord. He currently works as an international program manager at a Seattle-based multinational. He has a Bachelor Degree in Political Science from the University of North Texas, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Washington Foster School of Business.

He identifies his years of project management experience, and his combat leadership experience as an Infantry Officer and Platoon Leader, as having helped prepare him to serve. In a brief statement, he highlighted several key issues for his campaign, and shared how his lived experiences motivated his decision to run:

“I am running out of a desire to continue my public service. During my time in the military, I learned the importance of Servant Leadership. It shaped my military career, and is something I continue to strive for in my personal and professional life. I am running for City Council because of this philosophy, and to be an advocate for all community members.

We face many challenges in Lynnwood. For years, the city has become increasingly less affordable and less accessible. People are concerned about walkability, transportation, safety, and a healthy, clean environment. Despite the discouraging situation we face today, I believe the solutions to these problems are all within our reach; Lynnwood has a compelling future as a vibrant, dynamic city that is people-first and accessible by all. "It is essential that as a community and government, we ‘meet the moment’ and address these issues. Lynnwood residents need a city government that is adaptive, responsive, and focused on their needs. This is why I am running, and why I ask for your support for this grassroots campaign.”