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Robert Pinkley

Office: Pinkley for Mayor
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Ferndale
State: Washington

I have been a business owner in downtown Ferndale for the last 18 years. I moved to the city a few years ago when I started the Leader Block Wine company and Italian Eatery. The business has enjoyed great success and support from the greater Ferndale community. Ferndale has supported the Leader Block as it has supported many of the downtown businesses. Ferndale is truly a beautiful community with a rich history. With the vast population growth and new residential development, it is imperative that downtown businesses flourish and accommodate the dynamic changes that are occurring. I feel in my heart that Ferndale could rival and surpass other cities in Whatcom county and Western Washington if conditions are conducive.

I have been a business owner and developer most of my adult life. I was involved in import/export business in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Block countries as they transitioned from planned economies to open markets. Most recently, I exported Washington Wine to China to Some of the worlds fastest growing cities. I have been Immersed and directly involved, as a businessman and academic, with emerging markets that were on dynamic growth trajectories. It’s exciting to see this kind of growth and it’s something that I see happening in Ferndale. However, growth has not transpired as robustly as it can and as it will. The city government needs to work collaboratively, and in some instances, simply get out of the way of private investment and the animal spirits of mankind’s ambitions. Ferndale needs leadership that understands and respects the free and unfettered marketplace of ideas and capital inflow.

Thank you,

Robert Pinkley for Ferndale Mayor