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Megan Rozowski

Office: School Board
Party Affiliation:
Next Election: 2023
City: Hudson
State: Wisconsin

Megan Rozowski is running for school board in the Hudson, Wisconsin school district. Megan decided to enter the school board race to advocate to save our community elementary schools,

Megan's career has focused on higher education policy and research. She is currently the director of research and policy development at the Minnesota Private College Council. Through her work she serves on several State of Minnesota work groups that focus on the education and workforce pipeline. This work includes analyzing K-12, higher education, and workforce data to better understand individual, community and state needs related to education and workforce development.

Megan has also been involved in work to improve academic outcomes and opportunity. She strongly believes that everyone should have the option to follow the career path that aligns with their interests and abilities and have access to the higher education or vocational training to make that dream a reality. If a welder's kid wants to be a doctor they should be able to follow that path. As should a doctor's kid who wants to be a welder.

Megan has a B.A. in Economics from Carleton College and a Master of Public Policy from the Humphrey School at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.