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Russell Antonio Goodwin, Sr.

Russell Antonio Goodwin, Sr.
Office: Milwaukee Aldermanic District 9
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
Next Election: 2023
City: Milwaukee
State: Wisconsin

Goodwin is a Former Milwaukee County Supervisor who served as the Chairman of the powerful Transportation, Public Works, and Transit Committee, a member of the Health and Human Needs Committee, and a member of the Personnel Committee. In addition, he also served on the Advisory Committee on Transportation System Planning and Programming for the Milwaukee Urbanized Area.

Russell Antonio Goodwin, Sr. is also a Great Husband and Father to his beautiful wife and their children. In addition, Russell Goodwin is a Pastor, Author, Actor, Singer, Music Producer, Movie Director, Community Leader, former basketball and soccer coach, Business Owner, and the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of L3 Records, LLC. He has released several Books, Albums, and Short Films and will release more soon. With such a diverse background, He said he would bring public and private sector experience and a much-needed fresh perspective to the Milwaukee Common Council.

Goodwin would like to improve Public Safety through Community Focused Policing, Reduce Crime and Reckless Driving, Invest in Milwaukee Public Schools and its Teachers, Improve our Streets, attract and retain New Businesses by removing any form of regressive Red tape in the City of Milwaukee, and lower property taxes.

After speaking with residents within Milwaukee Aldermanic 9, Goodwin proposes immediate changes to the “Youth Correctional Facility Proposal” and that the proposal be renegotiated or halted to accommodate the overwhelming opposition of District 9 Residents who have expressed to him that they do not want this Facility. Goodwin strongly believes that building a New $42,000,000 Youth Correctional Facility will not necessarily Build up our Youth. Instead, he believes the $42,000,000 should be redirected towards addressing behavioral health disorders and Mental health disorders that some of our Youth and their families face. Goodwin says, “We should invest in rebuilding broken families because many youths from broken families are at an increased risk of violent offending. He also believes the money could be better used to invest in Milwaukee Public Schools to give them the much-needed upgrades they need. He knows both sides seem to be far apart on the “Youth Correctional Facility,” and he would like to personally be a bridge of communication to negotiate a better situation for District 9 residents who feel like they are being force-fed this Facility.

He says District 9 residents feel like they have “NO VOICE.” However, as of today Goodwin wants all District 9 residents to know they will no longer be without a Voice! He believes he is the voice that will lead District 9 into a prosperous and productive future. Goodwin is often known as a Powerful behind the scenes Negotiator, and he will use his voice to fight for all District 9 residents.

Goodwin’s Vision is to transform Milwaukee Aldermanic District 9 into one of the most prosperous Districts within the State of Wisconsin, where residents feel safe to purchase homes, start businesses, raise a family, and enjoy everyday life.
His mission is to move Milwaukee Aldermanic District 9 and its fine residents forward from its past to a brighter future through strategic planning and partnerships, proactive solutions, and community awareness and engagement.
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