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Russell Antonio Goodwin, Sr.

Office: Milwaukee County District 18 Supervisor
Status: Incumbent
Party Affiliation: Democratic
Next Election: 2022
City: Milwaukee
State: Wisconsin

Supervisor Goodwin was elected to the County Board in 2020 and is currently finishing his first term as the Supervisor for the 18th District. He is now running for Re-Election as a Write-in Candidate. It has been misconstrued that no one stepped up to run for Milwaukee County District 18. However, that statement is a blatant lie. Supervisor Goodwin was out personally going door to door when the omicron and delta Covid-19 variants were at an all-time high. All of the Covid-19 testing sites within District 18 had lines wrapped around the corner. Many residents even expressed to Supervisor Goodwin that there should have been a more safer and electronic way to get nomination signatures. But unfortunately, those were not the rules at that time. Between shopping centers and knocking on doors day and night, Supervisor Goodwin fell short of the signatures needed. He is a man of few excuses, but it was very difficult especially when some residents were scared to come to the door because of Covid-19, some residents were sick, and some residents even yelled out of the window they had Covid-19. Even with all these challenges including freezing temperatures, Supervisor Goodwin still managed to squeak out 196 signatures. While at shopping centers, he was able to get more signatures however with the newly drawn district boundaries some people’s signatures were invalid because they did not know they no longer lived in District 18 when asked for a nomination signature. And some had no clue about the boundaries at all. Even with all these obstacles Supervisor Goodwin did not allow this to stop him from immediately announcing his write-in campaign. He remains committed to making Milwaukee County District 18 one of the most prosperous districts in the state of Wisconsin!