Mike Moses

Office: U.S. Congress, Alabama District 4
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Fort Payne

For the past few years I have been discouraged with our current political environment and with a number of elected officials in Alabama serving at the Federal level. The citizens of this great State deserve Legislators who operate with honesty and integrity. Someone who keeps their constituents as a priority and not the special interest groups. Many folks in my county, and neighboring counties as well, feel that they have been forgotten by the very system put in place to speak on their behalf.

These husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers are all hard working people who seek only to provide a stable way of life for their families. Some are affluent businessmen, doctors, and lawyers. Most are blue-collar Americans who work the fields which produce the food that is placed on tables of families across this nation. Many work tirelessly in factories that produce the much needed supplies used to keep this country moving. Several police our streets, put out fires, rush to accidents to save lives, or guard our way of life from evil men in faraway countries who wish to bring us harm.

All of these men and women deserve to have their voices heard. I will be the Representative in Washington DC who listens to them.