Elect Joey A. Moreno

Office: City Council
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation:
City: Pico Rivera

I’m home grown, passionate and energetic. My involvement in mission work taught me that one person could make a difference if his heart is open to giving instead of receiving. My love for this community is my guiding force.

I plan on staying connected to my fellow residents beyond election season to maintain an open dialogue to be of better service to you. I was raised to create relationships based on integrity, responsibility, and mutual respect.

Our current Council is lacking a sound financial voice. My experience as an Accountant will fill that void. I will keep my eye on the financial bottom line to ensure taxpayer money is not spent without thought but wisely on issues affecting our community.

My top priority will be to concentrate on crime prevention initiatives and public safety strategies to make our City safe to live, visit, and play. Our City belongs to all of us. Help me lead the way.