Jason Griffitts

Office: Governor
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Long Beach

Why am I running for Governor? The government both at the State and Federal Level is This Today! - Ask not what your country can do for you but what You can do for the country. I will tell you Ask Not what your country can do for you Today is all Wrong. Yes, I get in arguments with Republicans that President John F. Kennedy said these very words. How dare them! John F. Kennedy would support me for Governor of California...because he supported the Middle Class! He would be ashamed of the Ask Not Republicans!

My administration will be working for you the first day I am in office! Ask NOT is of the Past. When I am elected Governor you can ask what the State of California is Doing For YOU Today!

When I am elected into Office we will be doing a lot for you TODAY! You will be able to say Governor Griffitts is providing me Social Security, $10,000 for when you have a newborn, and a Healthcare System that is the best in the country and nearly free. More money in your pockets, due to electricity being almost or nearly free. Plus your children will be given the best in class educational system in the country and the world. Guaranteed Retirement and a living wage will ensure Californian lives are easier, richer, and secure. Our children will no longer see smog in LA or across the GREAT State of California.

Now the State of California is a more secure union, a prosperous State, more money in my pocket, and my kids are given a best in class education. I can now ask the State of California and the Governor to provide me Health Care, Social Security, Retirement, Education, Living Wage, and will know he will Fight for me and those who need the assistance the most.