Deborah Downey

Office: Park County Commissioner, District 2
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Bailey

As a descendant of a Jewish immigrant and Mexican-American coupling, hard work, a commitment to the American Dream, and educational attainment were stressed in her childhood home. It molded her belief that the American Dream should be attainable today, wherever we choose to set down roots. Deborah Downey married her college sweetheart, they share 17 years, 5 radical children, a love of life, music, and adventure.

She graduated with her undergraduate degree in (organizational) Sociology, with a dual focus in Business Management and Theater. After working as a Corporate Education Liaison for a university, it became apparent that she wanted to earn a Master’s degree to further her career goals. She went on to complete a Graduate degree in Sociology from the University of Nebraska - Omaha, with foci in; Health, Inequality, Family Problems, and Sexuality.

She’s your everyday, well supported, over-achiever. In the 3 years it took her to complete her Graduate degree, she; served as the Graduate Student Representative for a one year term for the Sociology Department at UNO, was inducted into Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology Honor Society), actively served on the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) of her older two children’s elementary school, served as the PTO’s Volunteer Coordinator for the Junior Achievement Program, maintained all academic responsibilities, completed the GRE and LSAT in case she sought to pursue a PhD or Juris Doctorate in the future, and gave birth to her final 2 children during that same exact time frame. She really can successfully, do it all.

Post-Graduation, with her MA in Sociology, she went on to teach Introduction to Sociology, Multicultural Issues, Marriage and the Family, and Human Relation Skills (HR) between two separate collegiate institutions.

Having 5 children, Deborah is active in the Platte Canyon School District since moving to the community in early 2015. She has served as a volunteer and room parent at Deer Creek elementary, photographed and composed the 5th grade continuation video for the class of 2023, she sits as the parent representative on the District Accountability Committee (DAC) for Platte Canyon School District, and is up for the seat of Vice President on the Platte Canyon High School School Accountability Committee (SAC). In addition,she regularly attends the school board meetings.

She believes strongly in the future of Park County; it begins with our children, and continues with our community.

Park County United, Park County Strong