Julia Endicott

Office: Colorado House Representative House District 20
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Colorado Springs

Julia believes we have representatives who say they want “less government,” but then write bills that would take away our established rights. Colorado is being threatened by those who would sell our land and what is beneath it to the highest bidder. “I will focus on legislation that would create more incentives for Clean Energy Programs,” Endicott said from her home in the Oak Valley Ranch neighborhood.

Endicott has vowed to fight for Colorado veterans by increasing state benefits, which will not only retain the veterans we have, but attract more veterans from around the country to Colorado.

She knows that Colorado Springs has the opportunity to become the Cyber-Security capital of the U.S. and that we must support local businesses as well as out of state businesses to make this happen.

Colorado has been hit hard by people who have taken advantage of their Second Amendment rights. Endicott stated, “I believe that a common sense gun regulation will ensure that gun rights are not taken away from those who are legally able to have them.” She will fight for our Constitutional Rights without jeopardizing our civil liberties.

For years Julia has advocated for women and children. She has volunteered to help abuse victims and continues to support local advocacy groups. She believes in legislation that will protect victims and educate the community about campus sexual assault. She is a supporter of equal pay and passing legislation that will protect women, minorities, and those in the LGBTQ community from discrimination.