Phil Hornback

Office: Florida House District 58
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Brandon

Biography of Phil Hornback
Democratic Candidate for Florida House District 58
Teacher & Coach | Small Businessman | Community Leader
Phil has been a construction worker, He knows what it is like to work from pay check to pay check and work hard for his money. He has experienced sitting to do his bills, with his family sleeping feet away from him while he tried to figure who is going to get paid, and when would he be able to pay the rest.
He worked his way up to owning his first small business as a bricklayer doing small masonry repairs and carpentry. he went back to work for his father for a short time before his father retired and purchased his fathers business from him. While running his masonry business he worked hard to make sure his employees were able to keep working and paying them a livable wage, so they could take care of their families.
He ran his small business until the market slowed and he went back to night school to finish his degree. He graduated with a degree in U.S. History and also earned an endorsement for Middle School Educator. He took the job they offered him as a Middle School Science teacher. He worked primarily in lower socioeconomic schools and with at risk kids. He also was allowed opportunities as a science teacher to work with programs at Iowa State University and their research using algae to produce sugar to create ethanol for renewable energies. His school was also a NASA outreach school, and he was given the opportunity to work with NASA to develop curriculum for teachers to use in their classrooms. The work would help bring NASA and all they do to teachers and their everyday lessons.
While Phil was a teacher he would typically work second jobs to make ends meet. He began to sell Real Estate and started his third small business as a realtor that he is currently working today with His wife Sara as his partner.
He believes that his experiences in his life, both personal and professional, will help him be the best representative for the people of the 58th District. He has lived and experienced many of the same things the majority of the people in the 58th have. He knows his work as a bricklayer will help build the relationships with his constituents and with businesses that want to build here. He knows his teaching experience will help him teach the people of the 58th what is going on in Washington and let them know if they should be patient or angry. His experience as a realtor will help him sell the value of the 58th to businesses that may be considering coming to the area. He wants to be the best representative possible.