Jeff Sosebee

Office: Sheriff Hall County
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Gainesville

Common Sense Leadership

I have learned several lessons that should be applied to government, primarily in the Hall County Sheriff's Office. Any wasted asset is wasted money. It doesn't matter if we're talking about a budget or any available resource. Waste takes money away from the tax payers. The citizens of Hall County deserve better from their elected officials.

Second, people are assets. The longer a person works in a position the more valuable they become. It is to our advantage to retain patrol officers and investigators. Deputies that leave the Sheriff's Office do so due to mismanagement of that resource.

I will work FOR the citizens of Hall County. If you call for assistance, you will be greeted by a Deputy, Investigator, or the Sheriff - you will not get a letter in the mail giving you excuses or passing blame. I will protect the resources at my disposal to assure they are not wasted. It is my goal to improve the quality of living and overall safety of our homes and families in Hall County.