Mark Hinton

Office: State Representative
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Carmel

As a life-long Hoosier and father of a 8th grade daughter, I have grown deeply concerned about the future of politics in Indiana. Instead of complaining about it from the sidelines, I have decided to step up and run for office.

I do not want my daughter to grow up in a state where she is not paid as much as her male counterparts for the same work.

I want her to graduate from a state that offers the very best education, not one that fails to invest in future generations. I don’t want my daughter to graduate from college so indebted that she’ll never be able to pay it off.

I want my child to grow up in a state where her job opportunities are competitive with the rest of the country. I want her to live in a state that values her healthcare. I want her children to grow up in a state that values clean water and air. And I want the same for all Hoosier families.

I will bring a new and fresh perspective to government. I will protect the interests of citizens and not lobbyists. I pledge to work for the people of District 39, not to any lobbyist or corporate interest, and I will not accept personal gifts or dinners from lobbyists.