Glen Shafer

Office: Kansas State Representative 100th District
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Wichita

I am a plain-spoken family-man and political outsider. I left my career in the gaming industry to spend time with family, to regain a sense of purpose, and to commit my time to something that matters. I consider myself to be the hybrid candidate without corporate or political ties.

Currently, I refer to myself as a house husband. Staying at home is the hardest job I have ever had.

I was raised in Scott City, a small town in western Kansas. My mom legally immigrated to the United States from the Philippines. She spoke broken English. My dad couldn't read, and he had a stutter. His teachers pushed him through the grades instead of helping him. They said they would beat the stutter out of him. They tried and failed. I joke that English is my second language. I don’t speak any other languages, but neither one of my parents spoke English well. Due to these challenges, my parents insisted that we be educated and in doing so taught me to value education. They also taught me the value of hard work. When they first started out, society was rough on them. People didn't approve of a mixed race couple. My mother worked two jobs and my father was a custodian at the local hospital. My older brother and I grew up poor, but at that time, we didn't know it. We had food in our stomachs, a roof over our heads, and parents who loved us. Growing up in Scott City, I learned the importance of small business, the importance of the farm community, and the importance of looking after your neighbor.

I graduated from Emporia State University. It was there that I met my wife, Petra. I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business; Petra, a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Master's Degree in Instructional Design and Technology. Together, Petra and I raise our three girls - Jordan, Tori, and Ryan - and a dog named Chloe.