Maureen A. Brennan

Office: Councilor-At-Large
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Marlborough

I am running again for Councilor-at-Large for the City of Marlborough. As I stated in 2015, I'm running to simply give back to the community into which I was born, nurtured as a young girl, and continue to reside to this day.

Marlborough and its overall community provided me with an excellent education, instilled many of the skills and core values which I hold dear, and thus contributed to the woman, mother, wife and lawyer I have become. I dearly love this wonderful City and its residents. It is a great place to raise a family. My family, the Brennan's have raised its family here for three generations.

Lastly, Marlborough has always understood and responded to the needs of its residents whether it be, to list a few, in the form of social services for all (especially its seniors), public safety, economic opportunity, family recreation, affordable housing, or world class education to ready our children for the global world in which we are a part. There is not a better community in this Commonwealth. Marlborough is a part of me and I want to be an integral part of it by continuing the legacy of our one of a kind City with its can-do attitude. I will be grateful and honored for the opportunity to give back to my City. I would be honored to have your vote again.