Ron Rammaha

Office: Candidate For Missouri State Representative 94th District
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: St Louis

Ron Rammaha is a Republican candidate for MO representative District 94.Ron owns a real estate and construction company, and Ron's passion for business influences his drive for economic growth and development in the communities of Missouri.

In addition to being a respected businessman and providing jobs to small contractors, Ron has been afforded the opportunity to aid citizens of other countries. For twenty years, he served as a contractor around the world. Traveling around the world and utilizing his multilingual skills, Ron was able to help other countries establish and understand how a democracy functions as well as establish businesses in war-torn communities. Ron was also a member of the Rotary Club for many years. Other charities near and dear to his heart include veterans associations, Save the Children, and Mercy Corps.

Ron was elected as alternate delegate for the RNC National Convention and has assisted in the presidential campaign of George Vush and received a letter of recognition from President Bush. He also assisted in the Missouri campaigns for Senators John Ashcroft and Jim Talent. More recently, Ron was elected as Vice President of the Concord Lemay Republican Club where he increased membership by 77%.

He is a proud member of the South County and Lemay Chambers of Commerce, St. Louis County Police Business Association, NRA, Missouri Farm Bureau, World Affairs Council, and the South County Kiwanis Club.