Dr. Shirley E. Hicks

Office: NC House of Representatives - District 33
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation:
City: Raleigh

Dr. Shirley E. Hicks, born and raised in Raleigh, NC, received her early education from J. W. Ligon High School. She has her Ph.D. in Public Policy and Public Administration. Dr. Hicks is running for the NC House of Representatives seat for District 33 because she does not just want our community to survive, she wants the people in our community to thrive. For years she has watched, worked, and waited for changes that would lift families economically and socially. If elected to the NC House of Representatives for District 33, she will work diligently to bring about changes that will provide financial growth, increased high school graduation rates, and environmental protections. Increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour, increasing funding for our public schools, increasing teachers’ salaries, protecting our environment, and safeguarding our Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare will allow individuals and families throughout our communities to thrive and live more comfortably now and in the future.