Alex Bethea

Office: Candidate For Mayor Trenton New Jersey
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Trenton

Alex Bethea is the epitome and class example of a locally involved citizen. Now retired, after 40 years of teaching and administration with the Trenton Board of Education, his exemplary citizenship extends beyond the school house into the community making him poised to champion the cares and calls to action for the Trenton community. Today, when Alex crosses paths with his former students, they still appreciate and express admiration for his exemplary role modeling, priority of their character development and steadfast commitment to their education and overall life success. Currently, Alex Bethea is serving his second term as Councilman-At-Large for the City of Trenton and hence, has sincere recommendations for platforms and points to further establish each Trenton residents’ sense of community and pride in their hometown. Bethea’s focus areas including incentivized Community Policing, a holistic approach to Education, Apprenticeship programs driving towards Employment for Trenton residents, Housing & Economic Development that transitions long-time renters into home ownership, and stabilization of Property Taxes are both distinct and interconnected areas that will strategically enhance and even revitalize the relationship between city administrators and residents.