Esperanza Porras-Field

Office: Candidate for Morristown Council at Large
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Morristown

Esperanza Porras-Field is a prominent community figure who is currently looking to take her leadership to the local government. She has received an abundance of awards within the business community as well as at large to include the Evangelina Menendez Trailblazer Award for women for their exceptional achievements.

She is an experienced and charismatic leader, proven manager, articulate, and organized community advocate. Her involvement and dedication with the Morristown community is highly recognized. At the local level, Ms. Porras-Field has held many positions, including and not limited to: Elected Morristown Democratic Committee member representing her ward, Commissioner of Morristown Parking Authority; member of the Planning Board of Morristown, Board Director of the American Red Cross of Morristown, and Board Director of Fair Housing Council of Morristown. She is dedicated to her community and will continue to demonstrate professionalism, passion, and provide the voice amongst those whom she will represent.

As a resident of this beautiful town for more than 28 years, she believes that, “Morristown has its own unique characteristics, individuality, and multicultural history, all of which I honor and treasure". Her focus is to run a positive campaign with fresh ideas driven by integrity, honesty, and respect for all. Her goal is simply to build a better Morristown, one that will thrive economically, while still maintaining that “small town” feel in our neighborhoods.

Esperanza is committed to making Morristown the town that you want it to be and has already entertained ideas about improving traffic, transparency, and outreach. She plans on increasing her efforts to improve more areas of importance, for instance: develop new leaders, promote strong families, in regards to values, morals and principles, support affordable housing, promote education as a priority, support small business growth and the creation of a community center. She is a strong believer of Corporate and Social Responsibility and is looking forward to representing the residents of our town with fervor and commitment.