Matt Gould

Office: Summit Common Council
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Summit

I’m Matt Gould and I am seeking election to Common Council as one of the Ward 1 representatives.

I love Summit. I’ve lived here for nine years with my wife, Stephanie, and our three daughters who are students in the Summit Public School system. In recent years, I’ve become increasingly engaged in our community, serving as a Trustee for the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, as well as on the Summit Public Art Committee.

The more I raise my hand to volunteer, the more I see the effort it takes to make Summit such a great place. I want to pitch in to make our city the most livable and safe community for all of us going forward.

I believe that I have the right toolbox of skills to help, and I know I have the enthusiasm to put in the hard work. As a senior television executive, I’ve spent my career finding creative solutions to thorny problems, managing large budgets with thin margins, and championing collaboration among wildly different groups of people.

I’ve also worked closely with mayors, firefighters, EMTs, and Police officers across the country – these experiences will help me to find new ways to make Summit as great as it can be. I want to help Summit meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world:

• We need to face our fiscal responsibilities with innovative ideas while keeping Summit affordable.

• We need to help our downtown thrive, especially considering the threat of the “Amazonification” of America.

• We need to make sure our streets are safe for cars, bikes, and pedestrians. And we need parking solutions for our residents and businesses.

• We need to make sure our schools remain top-notch.

Fresh thinking and hard work.