John Everhart

Office: Nevada's 2nd Congressional District
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation:
City: Carson City

I was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam for 21-months. I worked in the mining industry for many years. Later I made a career change into public education — working with juvenile offenders. Currently, I am retired and live in Carson City with my family. I do volunteer work with the PTA and track team at my son's high school.

I am running for the U.S. Congress — in order to give voters an alternative to the two major political parties, and because of my concern for future generations.

My top priorities:

1. The Big Money Club, billionaires, Wall Street, and global corporations fund our political system. The Democrats and Republicans will not bite the hand that feeds them. The Big Money Club does not think about future generations, only quarterly profits. Unless and until we return the government to the common good, the future generations are in jeopardy.

2. The oceans are warming -- melting glaciers, melting the ice caps. The oceans are absorbing CO2 -- becoming more acidic, killing coral reefs, depleting marine life. If we are to have a habitable planet, we must protect the environment, marine life and the planet.

3. It's not right to continue deficit spending and past along our $19-trillion debt onto the backs of future generations.

4. Only Congress can declare war on Syria; and before it does, it must explain to the American people why it wants to risk a nuclear war with Russia in order to overthrow the government of Syria.