Patrick Boylan

Office: Congressional District 1, Nevada
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Las Vegas

I lean neither to the Left,
nor the Right,
I stand up Straight!
I will support and fight for:

* A fair living wage of $15/hour depending on experience and education

* Universal Health care, Employer assisted health insurance

* Women's rights - equal wages, stiffer sentences for crimes against women, children, and the elderly.

* Enactment of the toughest laws against violent criminals

* Repeal of any taxes on social security benefits, stopping co-payments

* Repeal of the Iran nuclear deal - greater safety for Israel, America, and the free world

* Interest free loans for college-bound students

* Tax increase on mega-business – increased funding for our schools, Police, social services - stop tax increases on you and me, the average middle class citizens

* Require businesses to use the E-Verify system to check the legal status of employees and applicants. Large fines for law breakers

* Seal all our borders to stem the flow of human traffickers, drug traffickers, and terrorists. Good fences make good neighbors!

* Enforcement of Immigration laws that are in place – no blanket amnesty, guest workers are welcome. Lets talk about citizenship

* Legalization of Cannabis use and growth - freedom of choice for adults – cutting into drug cartel profits and putting a stop/reduction of criminal arrests of non-violent users

* Government handouts must be converted to “work-outs”.

* A revamping of how Americans with psychological problems are treated, with an increase of funding to treat and house them

* I strongly support the 2nd Amendment with stronger tracking of and assistance for individuals with mental health issues