Samantha Vogel

Office: City Council Member For Oxford Ohio
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation:
City: Oxford

I stand for:

A collaborative based approach to problem solving, which empowers neighborhoods, residents and local business owners.

Public safety partnerships and additional resources to ensure our neighborhoods are safer.

Strong coalitions with our schools, churches, small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Transparency and accountability to make the "smartest" use of our taxpayers dollars.

I have 20 plus years working knowledge of human delivery systems in the civic, government and non-profit sectors; 6 years coalition and project management experience and 7 years strong analytical data collection, manipulation, interpretation and reporting experience. Highly proficient in oral and written communications, team building and interpersonal skills.

For the past four years, so have been an Office Manager at an Insurance Agency; likewise an Administrative Assistant in Real Estate here in Oxford Ohio.

As a nationwide suicide hotline crisis intervention counselor and rape crisis survivor advocate here in Butler County Ohio; I coordinated with first responders to ensure veterans and enlisted personnel stateside received emergency transportation, medical services and follow up wellness counseling at 5 area hospitals.

As a Research Assistant for the Williams Inference Center, I researched global financial publications quarterly, reporting to the Chairman and Partners for clients with a minimum of 100 million under management.

As a Girl Scout Membership Extension Specialist here in Ohio, I partnered with community leaders, educators, team members and volunteers to establish three 10 thousand dollar renewable grants which ensured vital after school programs were in place for "at risk girls" in under served communities in Hamilton County Ohio.

As an intern with "Miami University's Inside Washington D.C." program; I watched hearings in the Senate and the House; participated in several panel discussions with congressional leaders and reporters on C-SPAN and edited articles for the newspaper Roll Call.

As a lifetime Girl Scout, through steadfast dedication to my community, I earned the Girl Scout Gold Award, Daughter's of the American Revolution Award, and the University of Cincinnati Women in Business and Leadership Award.

My Bachelors of Science from Miami University, Oxford Ohio is in Diversified Media Theory, specializations in Marketing and Public Relations, 3.21 GPA.

Three initiatives I am working on by collaborating with community leaders to pay it forward and to empower the next generation:

No. 1

Opioid addiction has reached crisis levels here in America, with the number of drug addicted babies born in the US having quadrupled in the last decade. According to the National Institute On Drug Abuse, one baby every 25 minutes is born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. Nurses report these drug affected babies shake cry, sweat, get severe acidic diarrhea that burns their skin, as well as the pain of being overstimulated by the lights and sound. Often they spend months in the hospital as they are weaned off the heroine and painkillers.

Doctors have reported that volunteers cuddling these babies reduces both the amount of medication they need, as well as the length of their stay in the hospital.

Thus far, there are 8 hospitals in the United States, and 2 in Australia whom have volunteer programs in place.

I am ready to make this a reality right here in the Oxford and the Tri-State area!!

No. 2

Every child/teenager in the Talawanda City School District who relies on the "school meal program" will have 3 nutritious meals per day, during all holiday breaks and weekends when schools are not in session. After the election on November 7th, I will be collaborating with community leaders, facilitating formalized discussions and present action plans for consensus.

No. 3

Every child/teenager here in the Talawanda City School District whose family income is at or below the federal poverty guidelines; will have the opportunity to complete supervised chores around their home or complete community service for a new pair of athletic shoes once every year, until they graduate from high school. This is a way for the youth in our community to be empowered, have options when it comes to participating in a physical activities/sports after school and to make good healthy decisions for themselves. All key components of experiential learning. After the election on November 7th, I will be collaborating with community leaders, facilitating formalized discussions, at which time I will present action plans for consensus.