Travis Hart

Office: State Representative
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Yukon

Travis was born in Oklahoma City. He attended public schools in Mustang, and is a 1996 graduate of Mustang High School. Growing up, Travis was involved in 4H and Future Farmers of America. He has always felt a kinship to the agricultural lifestyle, and after attending Southeastern Oklahoma State University for a year and a half, at age 20 he started Hart Cattle Company. While running Hart Cattle, Travis explored another business opportunity and for the past 14 years has owned H&H Auto Tech in Oklahoma City. Simultaneously, Travis also opened Hart Real Estate. Running businesses, meeting a payroll, and experiencing the day-to-day challenges of operating small businesses helped Travis to understand the challenges a business faces. He will bring that skill set to the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Proud, Working Single Father

A single parent and Little League coach, Travis is the proud father of Jaicee (16) and Braden (5). Nurturing strong, independent, honest children has been an important goal for Travis. He is proud of the individuals he is raising.

Continuing his education was also a goal Travis realized. While running H&H Auto Tech, he completed his Bachelor of Science in Diversified Studies from the University of Central Oklahoma.

Personal Liberty Makes Stronger Citizens

Travis believes in the personal liberty and freedoms our Founding Fathers envisioned for American citizens. He believes local control of a small government is an important and reachable goal that should be pursued at every level of government. He is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, an accountable and common-sense educational system, low taxes, shrinking bureaucracy, stopping illegal immigrant amnesty and benefits, and keeping intrusive government out of citizens’ lives and wallets.

“I decided to run for the State House because I know that every day, fundamental freedoms Oklahomans hold dear are slipping away. Whether it be rewarding illegal aliens with taxpayer benefits, Second Amendment rights being infringed with backdoor restrictions, high taxes, educators not being supported by communities, or simple government overreach: we have reached a tipping point. I will fight for my district and all of Oklahoma to insure government stays out of the way of businesses and individuals from making the best choices for themselves,”