Doug Knight

Office: Bend City Councilor
Status: Incumbent
Party Affiliation:
City: Bend

Today incumbent Councilor Douglas Knight announced his candidacy for reelection to the Bend City Council.

“The Southeast Sewer Interceptor project, expansion of the Sewer Water Reclamation Plant, and the UGB (Urban Growth Boundary) Remand effort all benefited from the technical voice I lent to the City Council during my first term. Bend continues to have infrastructure & planning challenges however, and there is more to do if we are to continue to provide for and plan for our citizen’s future."

Regarding Bend’s affordability, Knight said, “During my tenure as a City Councilor I’ve strived with every vote to help make Bend one of the best American (small) Cities, and that means keeping it affordable. The Cottage Code, Density Bonus, and SDC (System Development Charge) credits were all steps I took as a councilor to encourage affordable housing.”

While accommodating growth, encouraging economic vitality, and contributing to the affordability of Bend is important, Knight says it is critical we don’t do so at the expense of livability. “It is equally important we protect the character and sense of place that we’ve all come to love & cherish about Bend and take deliberate steps toward preserving neighborhood livability,” Knight said. Adding that “Neighborhoods, and the strength of neighbor to neighbor relations is the backbone of who we are as a City and what we call community."

Knight is a long-time resident of Bend from1996. He was elected to the Council in 2012.