Robert Dean

Office: Mayor
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Republican
City: Bethel Park

Robert A. Dean enjoyed his early years born and raised in Bethel Park PA, by proud parents, John G. Dean (deceased) and Dawn M. Dean. Robert has two brothers; he is the middle son. He graduated from Bethel Park Senior High School in 1980. Robert has various college business credits. He returned to Bethel Park in January of 2008 as a homeowner on Library Road. Robert started Dean Contracting Inc. 30 years ago in 1987. The general contracting business does contracting work on government, state and city levels. Currently Robert is doing various projects for the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh. It has been a thriving and successful business that has enabled Robert to open Dean Enterprises in September of 1994. Dean Enterprises consists of real estate investments and rental property at scattered sites within the City of Pittsburgh. Robert currently owns and maintains 42 residential properties that he also manages. He develops all the legal contracts along with leases and evictions. He is a Registered PA Home Improvement Contractor as well as an EPA Lead Abatement Contractor.