LaTonya Wallace

Office: City Council - Southeast
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation:
City: Newport News

LaTonya Abys Wallace has been a proud Newport News resident for over 20 years. She’s a wife, a mother of two daughters, entrepreneur, community organizer/ activist, civic engagement center director, and mentor.

Her maternal side of her family grew up in the East End section of Newport News with her grandparents graduating Huntington High School class of 1952. Her grandmother always reflects on the “days when the East End was bustling with life”. From retail stores, pharmacys, community owned bank, movie theaters, skating rinks, and the spirit of the village. These are some of the things LaTonya is committed to working to bring back to our historic South district.

Tragedy led LaTonya to activism when her late fiance (Quincy “Abu” Jones) was shot and killed while waiting for a cab out Ridley Place housing complex in 2003. She was left to deal with the grief alone with their then one year old daughter so she decided to turn her anger into positive action which led to the formation of her community outreach organization the Abu Unity Foundation.
LaTonya works hard to connect to resources in order to bring them to our underserved citizens in the South district to provide solutions and strategies for violence prevention and economic empowerment. Her love for her daughters, their peers, and their future drives her to effectively advocate for our students in Newport News public schools and adequate program funding for our community/cultural centers.

She believe that change begins with each individual person but is sustained through effective collaboration. "In order to progress, we must be willing to work together, intragenerationally, this is how solutions will sustain through the years."

She's here to bring a collaborative spirit, an innovative mindset, and the people’s voice to the decision making table.

We're counting on you to vote for the change you wish to see on May 1, 2018.

Vote LaTonya "Abys" Wallace to help make Newport News One City, One Future.