Ben Mitchell

Office: U.S. House of Representatives - VT at large
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation: Democratic
City: Westminster

My name is Ben Mitchell and I’m your insurgent, anti-corporate Congressional candidate, bringing the principle of Democracy back to the Democratic Party by putting people first.

I need your support to win the nomination to represent you in the U.S. House of Representatives in the August 14th, Democratic Primary.

A Vote for me is a vote against the lethargic, corporation-dominated Democratic Party we have watched fail again and again to meet Vermonter’s basic needs. – what our Constitution calls the General Welfare, the good of the people, not just the 1 percent.

I bring an unshakeable commitment to social and economic justice, racial and gender equality, and the idea that men and women, united around the common good will always prevail against the forces of cynicism and greed.

I stand with you against corporate financed democracy. To that end I pledge that I will accept no corporate contributions to this campaign. We will be funded solely by individuals and organizations who share our values and ideals. One can not take money from the health insurance lobby and the pharmaceutical industry and maintain distance from the system that perpetuates inequality and places profit above human dignity. We will accept no such contributions.

2018 presents the opportunity to ride the wave of true passion, awakened by the criminal acts, the moral turpitude and the incompetence of this presidential administration. We must turn our backs on the corporate funded democracy and return to a government that derives its authority from you and me. We, the people.

As a member of SPUSA and Liberty Union, I've been a Democratic Socialist candidate for over a decade. 2018 is the first time I will enter a Democratic Primary.