Ingemar Woods

Office: Spokane Valley City Council
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation:
City: Spokane Valley

Ingemar is advocate for the disadvantaged. He believes that all communities become stronger if all people are given equal opportunities to succeed. As an rehabilitated ex-offender and former drug addict he has a comprehensive insight into the issues that are important to Spokane Valley residents.

After having served multiple jail sentences he recovered from his drug addiction and earned several graduate degrees including the Education Specialist and Doctor of Business Administration degrees. He worked in higher education for 10 years eventually being promoted to Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer at two different universities.

He served on the town of Springdale, Washington's Cemetery, Park, and Pond Committee. He has served five years as a volunteer for a faith-based non-profit being honored as a volunteer of the year for 2013.

He believes it is important on many levels to put in place policy and structures that will lower crime rates. The key to this will be to create opportunities that facilitate change.

His objectives if elected to Spokane Valley City Council will be to seek ways that the city can obtain the resources to decrease crime and addiction, spark new business and job creation.

Ingemar seeks to improve himself each day and to share in the empowerment of others.