Keith Huffaker

Office: City Council position 4
Status: Incumbent
Party Affiliation:
City: Wenatchee

Having served on the Wenatchee City Council for the past 5 years, my original purpose and reason for filling this position has not only been maintained, but strengthened. My goal has been to serve as the voice of all citizens in accurately representing their interests. I do this by attending as many public meetings possible to listen to your concerns, opinions and input. I read every letter and email message that I receive and try to respond to most.
These past 5 years I have served on Tourism promotion area board (TPA), Solid waste (1 year as chair), Chelan Douglas health board, Rivercom 911 board (currently as board chair), City budget committee, Public safety committee & storm water committee as well as currently serving as Mayor Pro Tem.
If you will re-elect me to this position, I will continue to be a conservative voice that makes sure your taxpayer money is spent wisely, and to make Wenatchee a place we are all proud to call home. With your input and support, we can all continue to excel!