Russell Goodwin

Office: 4 Alderman (District 2)
Status: Challenger
Party Affiliation:
City: Milwaukee

Our City is in trouble and is in need of a Hero to lead us into a better direction:that's why I have stepped up to the task. Currently there are several other candidates vying for this position, however in the famous words of Dr. Jamal Harrison-Bryant, "I am opposing no one, but I am proposing New Ideas". The City of Milwaukee needs a Change of Direction, a Fresh set of Ideas, and I am the person who will bring Milwaukee to a New Reality. It's time for New Voices to be heard, and for this City to be changed.

I am not a career politician like others so I am not looking to work for the special interest groups, but I am looking forward to working for the Communities Interest because truly we deserve better! The current Alderperson is running for Mayor and I am wishing him the best of luck he has fought very hard, but I believe it's time for the Next Generation to take over the City! I need your help to win this Election please take the time to share, donate, and participate in this campaign. Thank you in advance for your support!